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Become Successful Children Through Music Lessons!

Dear Parents and Friends:
Helping children become successful in school and life by enjoyable, creative and fun music education is the main goal of Melody Music School. Our philosophy of music education is that “Without a music lesson, a child’s education will be incomplete.”

The process of learning music has to do with utilizing the two sides of the brain, the left-brain for memorization and the right brain for creativity. It can help children to do better in reading, mathematics, and science and is related to the disciplines of all subjects. In life, children learn self-discipline, creativity, and develop a self-confident personality through music lessons. Our unique 18 months to 6 year old Harmony Road Music Course is designed to increase a child’s I.Q. at an early age. We also offer private and group lessons for all instruments of all styles – including classical, pop and jazz.

Reasons which make us the best choice for you

Organized and systematized lesson plan

Our lesson plans are designed to be consistent and progressive in order to ensure each child's success in learning music.

Regular Concerts and Recitals

We prepare five recitals each year. Parents have an opportunity to see their child's growth in performance, confidence and stage presence.

Competitions , Festivals, Workshops, Conventions

Serious students are encouraged to participate in various festivals and events to broaden their views on higher levels of musical experience.

Certificate of Merit

95% of our students participate in a statewide Certificate of Merit exam in March every year from level two and up. The exam includes 5 areas of musicianship: Performance, Technique, Sight-Reading, Ear-Training and Theory.

National Guild Audition

Students who have good memory skills are encouraged to enter the National Guild Audition in June of every year. Students can prepare up to 15 pieces of Repertoire.

International Piano Composition Contest

Students who demonstrate love for improvisation and composition are encouraged to enter the International Piano Composition in February of every year.

Performance and Theory Classes

Students meet on a weekly basis to observe other performers' regular achievements. Theory lessons are given in preparation for the Certificate of Merit Exam. Through these meetings students are able to develop a love for listening to others perform, improve and become musical friends for life.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed to polish students' technique and performance skills. Teachers will concentrate on each student's individual needs and weaknesses and help the students master musical attention and appreciation to the highest level of their ability.

Love for Teaching

Most of all, our teachers have great passion for teaching. With patience, love and encouragements, we will make each lesson fun and memorable.

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