Course Description

Piano – Pre-Teen and teenagers: Classical or Contemporary

Keyboard – Professional keyboard class

Keyboard – Fun class for adults

Keyboard – Grandpa, grandma, senior citizen discount class

Karaoke (I) – For adults who like to sing

Karaoke (II) - For advanced Karaoke (I) students who would like to rehearse with a live band.

Percussion class – Learn how to create and read music by percussion instruments

Recorder class – Prepare young children for woodwind or brass instruments and sight read recorder music. (6 yr old and up)

Beginning guitar class – Learn all the basics in playing the guitar and sight read easy guitar music in an ensemble situation.

Intermediate guitar class – Sight read intermediate guitar music in an ensemble situation.

Advanced guitar class – sight read advanced guitar music in an ensemble situation.

Band Workshop – for advanced students of all instruments. Learn all styles of commercial music in a band situation.

Music theory class – Learn how to compose and arrange commercial music in a logical manner.

Jazz improvisation class – for advanced students and professional musicians (college level)